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Yesterday, I had a lengthy chat with the highly respected Builder, Past President of NIOB and Erudite Practitioner, Bldr Ayo Bamisile (PhD). Below are two of the many points I consider vital on the chat :

1) A practising Builder is a manager…..whether he is a contractor or a consultant. Even as a contractor, he does not mix cement with his own hands neither does he cut woods for form work. Rather, he manages his supervisors who, in turn, direct the artisans. Apart from managing funds, he also manages the quality of work output and, of course, time……by keeping to the Program of Works. Even if the contractor-Builder is highly competent in structural
analysis, the fact that he coordinates the various executioners of his contract makes him a manager. *So, contrary to my earlier stand, I agree that the term “BUILDING PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT” is more appropriate.

2) What does the Builder put on the table at the design stage of a project?

* The Land Surveyor produces a drawing of topography and exact location of the plot.
* The Architect produces a design of the building shape and space allocations.
* The Structural Engineer produces a drawing of structural stability.
* The M & E Engineer produces a drawing of electrical and plumbing services.
* The Quantity Surveyor produces the Bill of Quantity.
* The Town Planner produces an Environmental Impact Assessment document.

What About The Builder

If there is a document he can produce that no other professional can, then he becomes distinctly respectable.

What I notice is that the main problem of the Builder is the Builder himself.

Yes, there is a Builder’s Document without which a project execution becomes unprofessional! And only the Builder can produce this document! The problem is, many (or most) Builders cannot. This is the source of that Inferiority Complex exhibited by some Builders in a league of construction professionals.

The Builder’s Document consists of (but not limited to) the following:

A. Buildability Report (which correlates all submitted drawings and the BoQ to detect possible errors, omissions or discrepancies).
B. Methodology Plan Document
C. Schedule (program) of Works
D. Quality Management Plan
E. Health and Safety Plan
F. Early Warning System Plan

Ref : Bamisile, Ayo: Building Production Management.
Foresight Press, 2004.

“Wake up, distinguished Builders. Let’s upgrade ourselves to in still self confidence. Let’s see every project that comes our way as an opportunity to showcase our high skills and competence.”